How to Build Your Travel Blog from Scratch in Under an Hour

Building a travel website from scratch isn’t that complicated, even without technical knowledge. And you can get the basics up in about 5 to 10 minutes. However, the internet gurus who act like “it’s so easy!” aren’t telling the whole story. It takes time and skill to get a travel website fully up and running with all of the modifications you want. But it is very easy to take those first steps and get your site up and running, your About Page done and a blog post created. Everything else you can take in smaller steps and learn as you go.

This resource is going to teach you the easy way to build your travel website from scratch in under an hour to get up and running fast.

1) Choose a Name

How to Launch a Travel Blog in Under an Hour

For some people, this is actually the hardest part! It can take the time to come up with just the right name. Some people choose a fun tongue and cheek name while others focus on something to the point. I really like ‘Intown Kids‘ for my site because I’m catering to intown Atlanta families. The term “intown” is also unique to Atlanta’s urban culture.

I would also highly consider using your own name like “Jane Doe Travels” if you’re not sure. The upside to this is your site can expand and evolve and the name still fits.

However, you’ll also need to make sure the name of your dreams is actually available to register.

2) Register Your Domain (for Free!)

You can check to see if your domain is available through a registrar and hosting provider. Don’t worry, you can try a few combinations before you commit to purchasing anything. However, I highly recommend using a premium, paid hosting provider and not a free site like where your name looks like or You need your own dedicated domain name, hosting, and site. Not only is it more professional, but you have little support or recourse with a free website provider if anything goes wrong.

I recommend using BlueHost to register your domain and hosting. Their customer support is helpful but are admitedly slow. That’s the downside. The upside is you can get a FREE domain name when you sign-up for a hosting package.¬†They usually offer hosting for $3.95 a month (sometimes less) with a free domain, 1-click WordPress install and a free site builder. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your hosting.

3) Install WordPress (No Skill Required)

Once you’re signed-up for hosting and have your domain in place, you can install WordPress in just a click. Ignore any ads or signage telling you that you can upgrade to have someone else do it for you. You don’t need this. Just go to this resource and follow a few quick steps to install WordPress. And it’s totally okay if you mess up. You can just do it again – no harm done.

4) Log in and Set Your Design Theme

In case it’s not clear, here’s a resource on how to log into WordPress to get into your site and start customizing it.

Next, it’s time to pick a theme for your new travel website. This is usually the part that freaks people out, but it’s really not hard. I’m including a video that walks you through the process. However, I always recommend starting out with a free theme until you’re totally comfortable and have a compelling reason to upgrade. I still use a free theme (Pashmina) at and it’s served me well.

5) Write Your First Post

For me, this is where the fun comes in. Refer to your list of blog post ideas and strategy that you learned about in this post. There’s nothing wrong with writing one post at a time, but I like editorial calendars to help stay focused and usually schedule out several at a time.

It’s a simple process once you’re ready to log into WordPress and create your post. Here’s a tutorial to walk you through the process of creating posts, editing or removing them on WordPress.

6) Write Your About Page

I recommend getting set-up with your About Page right away – even if it’s just short and sweet. This gives your travel website some personality and branding presence. Start by sharing something about who you are, why you created the site, and upload a photo of yourself or your travels.

Here’s how you create a Page in WordPress. Then you can title the Page “About Me” or whatever you like. You may notice¬†WordPress creates a sample page for you when you install the system. You can either overwrite it or delete it completely.

Check-out this tutorial to create your first WordPress Page.

7) Create a Menu

You don’t have to get too caught-up in the idea of a menu creation yet if you don’t want to, but I find it helps organize my travel website efficiently and quickly. This way your readers know where to go and click on.

Here’s a tutorial on creating your first WordPress Menu.

8) Tell the World

You’re ready to share your new travel website with the world!

Other Fun Stuff You Can do In WordPress

There are other things you can do to your site like set-up categories, tags and play around with the customization. But I like to stop here and give people a chance to get fluent with using WordPress and playing around with the interface. However, I can offer some helpful tutorials to other things you can do to your site to make it look even more professional.

Ready to launch??