How to Make Your First $500 with Sponsored Posts and Twitter

Becoming a social media influencer once meant amassing a few thousand followers and getting hired by brands to tweet their links. But today it requires a little more than just that. When I attend travel writing conferences, the big brands are looking for high volume of followers (think 50,000) and engagement.

That may feel like smaller blogs have no opportunity to stand-out, but in reality, you can work through a company that partners micro-influencers with brands with as little as 2,500 followers and make money just from writing and tweeting.

Leveraging Linqia

This is where Linqia is really helpful, especially for beginners. Instead of trying to nail down sponsorships on your own, you can use Linqia to land sponsored blog posts and Twitter campaigns. However, Linquia requires you to have at least 2,500 followers across at least two platforms. That’s probably not hard to do between what you’re already doing on your favorite social media platforms like Facebook and another including Pinterest or Twitter.

I personally prefer using Twitter because brands are generally eager to work with influencers here as opposed to Pinterest. I’m sure that will start to rapidly change, but for now, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook or good bets to land sponsorships through Linqia.

Tweeting Your Way to $200 an Hour

I first heard of Linqia through Lisa at Fun Money Mom who I met at a travel blogging conference.  She admits she had no clue what to do on Twitter when she started but now earns over $1,000 a month running campaigns. I’m sure it helps her posts are fantastic with great visuals and graphics. But it was with the help of Linqia and an influencer course, she learned how to rapidly scale her Twitter following into a focused audience to start earning.

Here’s what’s also really interesting. In addition to tweeting and working on sponsored posts, Lisa also earns up to $200 for a single hour of her time. Sign-up for Linqia, and then read the rest of her story at Fun Money Mom.

Start Slow

Remember that Lisa spent years crafting an eye-catching blog and sparkling content before seeing big results. Think of using a service like Linqia as an experiment into building up income and starting slow. Joy and Journey earned about $60 for a successful Linqia campaign, which is still a nice chunk of change to throw towards travel or something else on your wish list.

Blogging and working on social media should be fun, well-balanced, and with attainable goals in mind. It shouldn’t consume your entire life or make you feel like you’ve failed just because your income reports pale in comparison to your online heroes. Take the first step, set a small financial goal like earning more to travel, and scale from there.

Scale On Your Own

Linqia is a fantastic first place to start, but you can also find sponsorships on your own. However, it does takes some ingenuity and sleuthing to figure out how to do it. One place to start is locally. If you run a hyper-local or regional travel blog, you may be able to reach out to sponsors who align with your overall personal or business brand and work something out. Bonus points if you’re used Linqia and can show the results of your paid sponsorships and campaigns.

Whether you strike out on your own or use a third-party service like Linqia, take action. Drowning in indecision won’t get you very far and the sooner you dive in and start figuring out how it all works, the faster you’ll see results!