How to Book Your First $500 in Freelance Work this Month

Ever wonder how other freelancers got their start and somehow command thousands of dollars every month, and even replace their full-time income?¬† When I first started freelancing, I earned $400 a day as an assistant video editor on commercials and worked my way up to $600 a day (plus overtime). The work was long and […]

7 Places to Find High-Paying Freelance Clients Eager to Hire You

Finding freelance work really isn’t that difficult, but finding high-paying freelance clients is a different story. There’s a broad spectrum of rates ranging from $0 to $5,000 or more in any given freelance field, and it can feel insurmountable to make the leap to bigger and better income levels. Here’s what the trajectory of a […]

Earn an Extra $1k a Month By Writing Query Letters

>Working¬†freelance writers all know landing an assignment isn’t the path to success and financial gain.¬†Instead, it’s the query letter that really counts. But most aspiring writers get this first crucial step wrong. They think the query letter is just an introduction or a brief pitch to their idea instead of an audition piece. You’re being […]

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