How to Create an Irresistible Blog Series for Your Local Travel Website

The last few posts we’ve been talking about building your travel website in under an hour and creating irresistible blog content ideas for your blog. But I’ve found it’s personally difficult to keep the momentum going without both a passion for travel blogging with a clear purpose and a blog series.

One example of a blog series is to cover all of the free and discounted attractions in your area. But you also need to choose a format that resonates with your audience. Here’s a break down of what your travel blog series can look like.

Traditional articles

Creating a blog series around traditional articles is a straight forward approach to content creation, but has hidden benefits you may not consider. Creating SEO rich articles can help enhance your travel blog and give your organic search a boost. But it can also directly pave the way for you to land freelance travel writing work.

If one of your goals as a travel blogger is to eventually land work as a travel writer on guidebooks and magazines, newspapers and any other outlet you can think of. Your travel blog can ultimately serve as a portfolio of your work and get you seen by editors, publishers, and other content creators.

I wish this avenue was more apparent and available to me when I got started. I found work as a travel writer before I ever started blogging, but it was also before family travel blogging exploded. Now that it’s here, you can take advantage of it by creating articles designed to:

  • Educate and entertain your readers
  • Increase your travel blog’s organic search and SEO
  • Land work as a professional travel writer

Video series

Not everyone thrives on writing articles, and that’s totally okay. You can still be a successful travel blogger without writing much of anything. Video can also help your search results, especially if you fill in all of the meta data, give it a relevant name, and use a plugin like Yoast to make sure everything in your blog post is filled out appropriately. But you should still aim for at least 400 words to accompany your video, even if it’s just a brief description of what your video is about. This will ultimately give your search results a double boost of SEO power.

Once you’ve worked out your written text, you can upload your video to your WordPress site or to YouTube. I personally recommend the latter. When you upload a video to YouTube and embed it onto your WordPress site, you get the benefit of attracting an audience on YouTube while making the content readily available on your website. You can set yourself up for more traffic and followers this way.

Make sure to fill out everything on your YouTube upload appropriately in all the available fields from description to tags. This can really help your travel videos get seen by a broader audience. Tell people in the description where they can find your travel blog, and better yet, always say what your blog name is in your travel videos. “This is Susan from”.

Remember that some people may watch your videos directly on your website, and not on YouTube. That’s why you need to list your social media handles so people know where to watch more of your videos and find you. The more ways you provide for people to follow and engage with you, the faster you can build your blog.


Podcasts are rapidly growing in popularity and are a great way to stand out in the travel market. Recording audio of your travels, interviewing tourists and hospitality business owners are all fun and innovative ways to give your audience value.

Remember to fill out any available content fields appropriately. If you upload your podcast audio to SoundCloud, make sure to fill in all of the information from tags to the description. And like your travel videos, you should also tell your audience in every podcast what the name of your website is.

Once you upload or embed your podcast to your travel blog, consider adding a transcript or 400-word round-up to help give your audience context and give your SEO an added boost.

Travel photo series

This is one area I’ve never taken advantage of. While I’m a highly visual person with a background as a professional video editor, I’m not a shutterbug. Instead, I rely on the photos PR agencies supply, sometimes take my own or find them on sites like Wikimedia Commons or Pexels.

Not everyone in the travel blogging space is great photographers, so if you’ve got an eye and passion for photography, you can stand-out. Creating a travel photo series can give your travel blog an instant infusion of personality and life and give your audience a look at your personal lives and travels. It’s a powerful medium and one I wish I had more command over.

Email series

An email series is a great way to combine a blog series with a content upgrade. When someone signs up for your email series with their own email address, you can market to them for life. Or at least until they unsubscribe. An email series is a highly valuable medium for travel bloggers who know they want to one day sell a course or product to their audience, or who want to aggressively grow their email list.

In this situation, you want to think about the value and incentive you’re giving your audience. Creating an email series around hidden gems, big discounts around town or something highly unusual is appealing. When I lived in New York, I got hooked on a site called Forgotten New York. In a city with millions of people, you would think every square inch of the city had been thoroughly explored. In reality, there are tons of historic areas, statues and even an entire neighborhood that were almost completely forgotten. This type of idea would be an incredible email series for travelers looking for something completely new in their journeys.

Focus on a Theme

Regardless of what type of series you create, remember you need a theme. It’s not enough to just create a lot of similar content and call it a theme. It needs cohesiveness to keep your audience engaged and coming back. Here’s what that can look like:

  • Little Known Discounts Around Boston
  • The Hidden Spots of Chicago You Never Knew Existed
  • The Best Places for Kids with Sensory Integration Issues in NYC

Announce Your Series

When you start your inaugural travel blog series, alert your audience to every post or video that it’s part of a special series to pique their interest and get them coming back for more. Otherwise, they may just consume it like it’s any other post and never think to come back to see what the rest of your series is like.

I love these type of cross-promotional content opportunities in blogging. The series helps create compelling content for your blog, attract a broader audience, and just make it more engaging and exciting. See what works for you, and then create more than one series.

What type of travel blog series have you created? Let me know by leaving a comment below!